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Quantum Pad Learning System with 9 Cartridges and 7 Books
Price: $189.00
Dictaphone Walkabout Express Charging Stand w 8 MB card
Price: $249.00
2 Rolls of Handwoven Pennsylvania Country Carpet
Price: $689.00
Unsigned Morano Italian Art Glass Tortoise Shell Womans Bust Vase
Price: $189.00
Melville E. Ingalls (18421914) Cabinet Card
Price: $189.00
2 Vintage GMC 1943 Delco Synchronous Repeaters
Price: $489.00
Lehigh Valley Electronics AC to DC Output Voltage Monitor
Price: $119.00
Zwilling JA Henckels Friodur 6 Knife Set w Block
Price: $269.00

NJ Auction specializes in highly unusual and in-demand investment quality items which portray an era or an aesthetic. This father-and-son company seeks items built to last forever and to create an impression -- where weight, materials and design are paramount from the lettering to the materials to their lines. offers diverse collectibles from the obscure to the better known which bring to life an era, nostalgia and art. Since 1999 Dan and Ron Horowitz, an ex-lawyer and a retired Ph.D. in educational psychology joined forces to unearth worthy acquisitions so that NJ Auction, LLC. can offer you eclectic shopping from the Civil War to the present.

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